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Patrick Piccioni - Wine Lover with a twist!

"Wine has always been my passion, and having been working all over Europe and in the best Hotels and Restaurants of London and Paris it has made this passion evolve into a daily professional relationship with the world of wine" - From Valley Life Magazine


"But   who   is   Patrick   Piccioni?   Originally     from     Spoleto,     a     student  at  the  prestigious  local  hotel  school  he  left  for  London  while still a lad. He had a high-level     apprenticeship     which     began    at    the    Savoy    Hotel    with    an    international    wine    course  and  continued  in  listed  restaurants including L’Incontro of the Santini group – eventually opening  his  own  restaurant  in  Battersea,  called  Black  Pepper  which  he  ran  for  five  years.  The  call   of   the   local   countryside   brought  him  back  to  Umbria,  on  the  border  with  Tuscany  in  the  Niccone  valley,  known  for  the  high  density  of  voluntary  expats.  Here  he  first  opened  a  restaurant   in   the   countryside   and   finally   his   Enoteca   Wine   Club    with    a    small,    refined    restaurant and typical Italian products for gourmets. His wine philosophy is clear and touches all the cardinal points of a new conception of good drinking and, especially, of cultural and environmental knowledge: ‘The climate changes to which we are now subjected are a constant and it would be good to come  to  terms  with  them!  All  this  translates  into  continuous  monitoring in the vineyard of the climatic trends in the crucial months."

"Patrick’s   Wine   Club,   part   of   the   Enoteca,  originated  from  the  desire  to  share  an  authentic  and  complete  wine  experience  that  ‘goes  beyond  the   business   of   popularizing   and   marketing  aimed  at  sommeliers,  to  understand the true value of the soil, where  and  how  vines  grow,  with  an  extended concept of terroir and even of milieu, not just environmental and agricultural,  but  cultural  and  social  too.’  In  short,  wine  has  a  soul,  and  is  complex. Patrick calls himself a wine lover and this best identifies him."


L'enoteca wine club di Patrick Piccioni
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