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The Blog in this section is meant to attract the interest of "Real Wine Lovers"

I will try with the help of two friends Sommelier A.I.S. to share with you our knowledge, our experiences and our opinions on the "real" world of wine , rather than on the "Gossip " around it.


Climate change is a reality! To define the quality of an harvest in agriculture has become more complicated, with more factors able to determine the final result! This means that a very close monitoring during the crucial months of the blossom and ripening of the grapes, (April to October for some varieties), is essential!

In doing so I prefer to focus more and more on indigenous varieties grown in the most interesting areas of production, especially the ones in Central Italy in what was once the Land of the Etruscans, from the Tuscan Coast to the Umbrian hinterland up to upper Lazio, where the Etruscans, keen farmers as they were, selected varieties of vines and olive trees in tune with these "terroirs".

Over the years I have also become more incline to fully explore a certain Wine offer from grower-enthusiasts devoted to the naturalness of their product obtained through organic farming , where even the use of sulphites is reduced to a minimum.

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